The Restaurant

The setting is unusual and innovative. The customer is welcomed into the Kitchen directly by the Chefs: The first dining room consists of a large airy space with an open kitchen, which translates into a direct connection between the cooking area and the tables without any kind of architectural barriers. Fourteen tables fill the rooms, for a total of about 40 seats with shapes that play with different geometries, from circle to square, and a comfortable seating designed by Drigani.

Wood is the prevailing material, from the striking dark green paneling to the kitchen counters, lined with Italian oak planks and Tuscan marble countertops.

On the lower floor of the restaurant we find the wine cellar – a room where brick walls, wood, and soft lighting create a warm and laid back atmosphere.

Guests can experience Autem* in the Kitchen and in the Mirror Hall, distinguished by recuperated antique mirrors.

The Kitchen

The first area one can experience when crossing the threshold is THE KITCHEN, where the brigade welcomes its guests introducing them to Autem’s gastronomic journey.

The Mirror Hall

We then move on to a second, more intimate room, characterized by recuperated antique mirrors and purposely named THE MIRROR HALL.

The Private room

Beyond the Mirror Hall we find THE PRIVATE ROOM, with a maximum of 10 seats, ideal for those seeking an intimate experience.