Luca natalini

Born on May 30. 1989 in Pescia, a city in the area of Pistoia (Tuscany), Luca Natalini acquired his creative flair from his grandfather, Carlo Maria Mariani, an internationally renowned artist and painter, while from his great-grandmother Valda he inherited the appreciation for good food.

From a very young age, he finds cooking the best expression of his love for art and taste.

His career begins when, at just 14-years-old, he moves to Paris to follow his dream of mastering the techniques of French cuisine.

The Parisian experience is followed by one in Prague, then in Vienna, and a full five years in Russia as general supervisor of a restaurant company present throughout the country.

In 2012 he graduates from Alma, the International School of Italian Cuisine of Colorno (Parma).

In 2016 he takes part in a competition organized by Barilla (the world’s largest pasta producer) ranking among the top ten chefs.

While in Russia he is awarded the title of Young Chef for S. Pellegrino.

From 2019 he’s involved in “La prova del cuoco” (a famous Italian television program).

In 2022 he regularly attends television programs “Detto e fatto” and “Vorrei dirti che” on one of Italy’s main tv channels (Rai 2).

After running his own restaurant, Autem, in Parma, in 2020 he joins Milan’s renowned restaurant Al Pont De Ferr as Executive Chef. Now he is ready for the new challenge of Autem* Milan.


In Latin “Autem” indicates a conjunction, which can mean either “yet” or “and furthermore.”

A concept that is also echoed by the asterisk on the logo: the urgency to communicate something that has yet to be said, a conjunction of opposites that has yet to be expressed.

Iconic dishes

There’s no shortage of Chef Luca Natalini’s signature dishes, such as the famous “Pasta in Bianco,” the snail-based dish called “As if it were a Bourguignonne,” the daring “Horse and Oyster,” or the “Smoked Eel Salad.” The food offering is complemented by an exclusive selection of cheeses, personally chosen by the Chef and supplied by circa twenty from the best Italian and French dairies.

The concept

Autem’s menu is constantly re-crafted, changing from day to day and from week to week. It features a range of options based on what nature can offer.

The main prerogative is sustainability, starting with the use of sustainable farming methods for the selected raw materials, such as organic farming or permaculture.

A practical example is the use of all cuts of meat, from the finest to the fifth quart, with a cyclicity imposed by the availability of the raw material and with no waste. Therefore, the Grissini are accompanied by butters made according to the availability of the milk – whether cow, goat, sheep, buffalo or donkey milk – and the vegetables and fruits are all strictly seasonal and coming from small producers, for the benefit of a short supply chain.

The final dish is thus the result of the union between the art of technique and the star ingredient in the recipes, creating new values and manifesting with every act the strong will to respect the laws of nature.

The catch is also exclusive, with a selection of exquisite seasonal fish caught by hook and line originating from small supply chains, and without the use of overexploited kinds in order to preserve the ecosystem balance of marine environments.